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What to expect from an EP assessment

Initial Contact

All services begin with a brief free telephone call between Gemma and the parent/carer who will be asked initial questions about their concerns so that together a way forward can be agreed.

For children in Year 1 or above, an EP Observation & Consultation or a full Educational Psychology (EP) assessment may be offered. For children in nursery or Reception, an Early Years assessment may be offered.


If EP services are agreed, you will be emailed links to an Information Form (containing Consent and Terms & Conditions) and a Referral Form. Please note that children aged 12-15 who are deemed Gillick Competent and all young people aged 16 and over will be asked for their own written consent. Once all paperwork is completed a date for the EP services will be offered and you will be sent information you can share with your child/young person.

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Observation & Consultation

Child raising hand in the Classroom

If an observation & consultation are agreed, a date to visit the child and a time to meet with parents and school staff will be agreed. You will receive EP Consultation Notes within three weeks of the visit & meeting summarising the observation, details of the consultation, any agreed actions and next steps. This is not a full EP report.

For some children, an observation & consultation is sufficient to provide an understanding of the child's needs and next steps for parents/carers and school staff. If following this work a full EP Assessment is requested or recommended then an additional fee will be agreed.

Full EP Assessment

If a full EP Assessment is agreed, you will be sent details of what the EP assessment will include. This varies depending on the concerns and the questions parents/school staff may have about the child/young person. It may include additional questionnaires, an observation (usually at school), individual work with the child/young person and a consultation with parents and school staff. 


During any individual assessment, the child/young person will be welcomed to the assessment and explained the purpose of the meeting, aiming to minimise any anxieties they may have. The assessment will progress at the child’s pace, with breaks as needed. The assessment usually lasts 2-4 hours depending on the child/young person. School staff and parents/carers are not present during the assessment but they will be offered brief feedback at the end of the meeting.

Parents/carers will receive an electronic EP Report within three weeks of the assessment. There will be an opportunity for them to provide any feedback on the report if they believe there are any factual errors and to ask any questions. The report will contain any agreed actions from all meetings and recommendations for home and/or school. These may include strategies, interventions or provisions necessary to support the child/young person's learning, development and well-being. If necessary, signposting to other professionals (e.g. therapists/paediatricians) will be provided.

Child and Psychologist using iPad

Feedback Meetings & Reviews

school staff and parent consultaton

If requested, Gemma can arrange a feedback meeting with the parents/carer and school staff within one month of receipt of the EP report. This allows adults to ask any follow-up questions based on the EP report and provides an opportunity to develop an action plan for implementing the recommendations.


Subsequent review meetings can be scheduled to discuss progress or further concerns, with an additional fee agreed.

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