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Privacy Notice for young people

Handelsman Psychology offers Educational Psychology services for children and young people that aims to ensure learning becomes earlier and school becomes more enjoyable for you.

This document explains how information about you is collected, used, stored and shared. It is based on two pieces of legislation – the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation (2020).

Dr Gemma Handelsman, Educational Psychologist, is the ‘Data Controller’ – this means that she has responsibility for your information and data and how and why the information is used.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice you or your parents/carers can email If you or your parents/carers aren’t happy with her response then you can contact the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) at referencing Dr Gemma Handelsman, ICO registration number: ZA545671.


Why do we collect personal information about you?

At Handelsman Psychology we will collect personal information about you to be able to provide Handelsman Psychology services. We will do this because you and/or your parents/carers or school have commissioned Handelsman Psychology services and you and/or your parents/carers have given written consent for us to do so.


What information do we collect about you?

At Handelsman Psychology we may collect for following information about you:

  • Personal information e.g. your name, date of birth, address, school details and gender.

  • ‘Sensitive category data’ e.g. your ethnicity or religion, information about your health, education and wellbeing.


We will collect your information through forms, questionnaires and observations, as well as directly meeting with you, your parents/carers or school staff either virtually or face-to-face. Sometimes we may also speak to other people who know you, e.g. a therapist or tutor.

We may also collect personal information about your parents/carers too. This information is needed to we can provide the services you and/or your parents have consented to.


How will your information be used?

Information about you will be used to provide Handelsman Psychology services. This usually means an Educational Psychology assessment and includes either a written report or consultation notes which will be sent to your parents/carers and school if consent has been given. You have a right to see your report/consultation notes and we encourage you to discuss it with trusted adults at home or your school.


How will your information be shared?

Your information may be shared with:

  • Your parents/carers

  • Your school, including your teachers

  • Other professionals who are supporting you


Your information will only be shared if you and/or your parents have given written consent for the information to be shared. The only exception to this is if Handelsman Psychology professionals are worried that you or any child may come to harm or information is required by a Court of Law.


How will we keep your information safe?

We keep your information safe and secure by ensuring it is locked away or password protected. When we no longer need to store it then it will be safely destroyed or deleted.


How long do we keep your information?

Some information we collect will be destroyed or deleted once your report/consultation notes have been written. Some paper assessment booklets are stored for one year. Your report/consultation notes are stored electronically until you turn 25 years old, then permanently deleted.


What rights do you have in relation to your information?

Children have the same rights as adults: knowing what information we have about you, the right to correct anything that’s wrong or the right to ask for your information to be deleted.  The Information Commissioners Office explains your rights in more detail.



We hope you have found this Privacy Notice helpful and you understand more about the information Handelsman Psychology collects, uses and stores about you. We have shared more detail about this with your parents/carers, so please ask them any questions you may have.

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