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What parents say...

Parent of 10 year old girl

Thank you for a very helpful, compassionate, technical and insightful report. It was incredibly helpful for me to read, especially noting the way you connected the observations to such specific recommendations. I also really appreciate the way the report is, so clearly, suitable to be shared directly with [our child], which we will be doing.

Parent of 7 year old boy

It was a real pleasure being acquainted. We feel that you did a wonderful job getting to know [our child] and have given us a very informed insight into [his] condition. It was nice having a genuine person such as yourself, involved in aiding [our child] towards future development.

Parent of 17 year old boy

[We] found Gemma to be very professional, managed our expectations honestly and took time to explain things clearly. Gave very helpful and useful tips as well. Very pleasant and reassuring experience. Would definitely recommend her to friends and family.

Parent of 5 year old boy

The report will change our son's life significantly for the better with the needs and provisions you have identified. I feel the report is very strong and straightforward. 

Parent of 5 year old boy

The report is excellent, thank you so much. It captures [our child] and his needs lovely and puts some really great provisions to meet those needs. We are really pleased

Parent of nursery child

Thank you so much for your input. We felt accompanied and well advised. You were leading the meeting and worked in the best interest of [our child]. I am surprised that you noticed so much in such small amount of time while observing [him].

Parent of primary aged child

Thorough and professional but extremely user-friendly and always seemed conscious that there was a child at the heart of the matter, the importance of which shouldn't be under estimated.
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