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All About Me

Hello, I'm Gemma and I'm an Educational Psychologist. At Handelsman Psychology my aim is to help make learning easier and school more enjoyable for young people. You can find out more about me and what it means to meet with an Educational Psychologist below. 


If you are aged 12-15 and your parents/carers or school request Educational Psychology support or services for you then you will likely be asked to give your own consent - this means you'll be asked to give your own written permission for any meetings or assessments to take place that are about you. If you are aged 16 or over you must provide your own consent for any Educational Psychology supports or services.


At Handelsman Psychology we will send you a Young Person's consent form to explain the Educational Psychology support or services that have been requested and ask your permission to go ahead.

You can also read our Privacy Notice for Young People which will tell you more about what information Handelsman Psychology may collect, use and store about you.

Finally, you may have more questions you want to ask us - first, check out our FAQs for Kids and if you still have questions then ask your parents or teachers to get in touch!

All About Me - Gemma Handelsman
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