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Handelsman Psychology

"Making learning easier and school more enjoyable for children and young people"

Handelsman Psychology offers Educational Psychology services to families and schools. We work collaboratively with families, mainstream and specialist nurseries and schools across north west London.

Our values

  • We are child-centred - this means that the child's voice and their best interests are always at the centre of our work

  • We provide transparent communication

  • We use a holistic framework to understand the child within their wider context

  • We work collaboratively with families, nurseries/schools and other professionals

  • We support neuro-affirming practice, recognise that children learn and develop differently from each other and have different support needs at different times and embrace the uniqueness and strengths of neurodivergent children.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

What is Educational Psychology?

Educational Psychology provides an understanding of and support for children and young people’s learning, development and wellbeing.


An Educational Psychologist (EP) can provide consultations and assessments about a child’s learning, social skills, emotional wellbeing and/or behaviour so that families and nursery/school staff can better understand how and why a child may be learning or developing differently from their peers.


Psychological Assessment may include some or all of the following: consultation, observations, questionnaires and 1:1 assessments. Each assessment is bespoke to the child, depending on the concerns raised and the child’s presenting strengths and difficulties.


The EP then draws upon the assessment findings and their knowledge of psychology and child development, in collaboration with the family and nursery/school staff, to develop a shared understanding about the child and identify strategies, interventions and provision that will lead to the best outcomes for a child.


For families

Handelsman Psychology offers Educational Psychology (EP) services direct to parents and carers. Below are three examples of common EP services for families. Get in touch to discuss your concerns and the EP service that's right for your family.

Early Years assessment

For children in pre-school or reception, this service usually includes an observation at nursery/school, developmental questionnaires and a parent/teacher consultation so that a shared understanding can be developed of their strengths and needs and a way forward can be agreed. You will receive a detailed Early Years EP report with recommendations.

EP Observation & Consultation

This service includes an observation at school followed by a detailed structured discussion about your child so that a shared understanding can be developed of their strengths and needs, and a way forward can be agreed. You will receive a detailed EP Consultation Note with recommendations.

EP assessment

A detailed assessment of your child's strengths and needs, designed around your specific questions and concerns. It may include consultation, observation, questionnaires, individual assessment with your child and a detailed EP report with recommendations.

For nurseries and schools

Handelsman Psychology offers a range of EP services directly to nurseries and schools. 

Packages of Support

Service Level Agreements are available for nurseries and schools wishing to commission EP services.

Ad Hoc EP services

EP consultations and assessments are available as stand-alone options.

Training and workshops

We can offer a range of training and workshops to build capacity and knowledge for your staff.

Autism assessments

Dr Gemma Handelsman is trained in using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 2nd Edition (ADOS-2). This is a gold standard diagnostic tool used as part of a multi-disciplinary autism assessment. Dr Handelsman works as an associate for the Autism Doctor, supporting their assessment process for children and young people and their families. 

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